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Working in Freedom Tree as a textile designer, my work encompassed developing print and surface designs for home linens along with research  on different fabrics and comprehension of various dyes composition. I have an expertise in knitted, woven and mixed fabrics.

While at Freedom tree I was also involved in the sourcing, trend forecasting, marketing, branding of fabrics,  preparing mood boards and creation of portfolios of designs and concepts which started every season with brainstorming the mood of the season.

While preparing the Autumn/ Winter collection in Freedom Tree we aimed to bring back the minimalistic blues of all shades and styles keeping in mind the psychology behind the colour. Blue calls to mind a feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly and seen as a sign of stability and reliability. 


Exploring - striving prints and textile developments with weaving, screen printing, digital printing, ceramics and furniture.


FreedomTree's bold and playful Faces and Akshar Collections was inspired by the people of Mumbai and Geometrics of the concretes along with brave Devanagari script incorporation. 


This cheerful collection of Freedom Tree Design Studio focused on repurposing print with the season and developing offbeat print add-ons. 

We used blazing and beaming colours of the sea and Indian flowers like Champa and Gulmohar with dashes of Jerusalem yellow, saffrons and teals to give that vibrant and cheerful mood to your house to greet you and cheer you up when you return after a long day’s work! 

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